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Zoo Closes Forever, Leaves 5 Lions Alone In Their Cages

When the Baia Mare Zoo in Romania shuttered its doors forever, it simply left some of its products behind - five living lions.

Luckily, people from Four Paws International are full of love and concern for these animals. They negotiated for months to help the lions find a home that was right for them.

Finally, in a rescue of epic proportions that started Wednesday, the lions are on their way.

Rescuers are currently transporting the lions the zoo left behind to their new lives.

"Before the journey began, the five lions underwent veterinary checks under anaesthesia," Four Paws wrote on its website:

All five are in good health and ready for the long journey to South Africa. We will transfer them by car to Frankfurt International Airport, where they will departure on a cargo flight to Johannesburg. It is a long journey – but worth the effort. In less than 48 hours, these five lions will finally be in a species-appropriate home. They will feel the grass underneath their paws, will smell the fresh African air and will enjoy the first warm rays of the South African spring sun.

Thanks to these tireless efforts, The lions, Lavinia, Lidia, Marin, Tarhon Big and Petrica, will soon call Lionsrock Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa home.

"After decades behind iron bars in tiny, dirty cages, they will finally experience life in a natural environment," Four Paws wrote.

It's about time. Watch a video of rescuers preparing the lions for the trip below:

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