Gorilla Is Charmed By Tiny Visitor In His Enclosure


Gorillas are regarded as the largest and most powerful of all primates - but the greatest measure of their strength might best be seen in their decision to be gentle.

A remarkable photograph from Reddit user iw3z shows a rather sweet little scene between one such animal in captivity who became transfixed by a tiny green visitor who wandered into his enclosure.

"I was at the zoo watching the gorilla exhibit, and that little lizard came up and just froze when the gorilla started playing with it," iw3z wrote in a post. "He picked it up by the tail a few times, poked at it, but never killed it."

This isn't the first occasion where a gorilla has dispelled the notion that they are brutish and unfeeling. There was, of course, that day a silverback named Jambo saved a small child at a zoo in the U.K.

Here's another example of gorillas not only showing restraint but a clear sense of curiosity as well - this time, when a caterpillar dropped by. Rather than brush off the furry intruder, they opted to take pleasure in seeing her free.

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It's easy to suspect that we may have a thing or two yet to learn from our primate cousins.