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'Zombie Cat' Who Was Buried Alive Is Now The Picture Of Happiness

Nearly a year ago, Bart the cat was hit by a car and injured so badly his owner buried him.

Ellis Hutson, the man who owned Bart at the time, claimed that Bart was dead when he found him in the road. Hutson said he was shocked when he received a call from a neighbor saying that Bart had come back from the dead - five days later. Bart showed up at the neighbor's home suffering from severe head trauma, a dead eye and a broken jaw.

Despite his injuries, the determined cat presumably regained consciousness in his grave and fought his way out of the underground prison.

Bart was taken to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay for treatment. When he first arrived at the vet after rising from the dead he had to undergo multiple surgeries and be put on a feeding tube - but today, Bart is completely unrecognizable, healed after his unimaginable ordeal.

Originally, Bart was going to be returned to his owner, but after video surfaced showing a neighbor saying that the cat was moving before he was buried, the Humane Society decided to seek custody of him.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay recently posted a photo of Bart wearing a "Happy New Year" hat and looking unamused, sleepy and completely different from the cat they took in months ago. Bart is still living in a foster family, with a few wonderful cat siblings, while the custody case continues in court. Hutson has refused to give up his cat.

In 2015, Bart nearly lost his life and fought with all he had to get it back. Now, he's ringing in 2016 with a new home, new friends and new appreciation for just how precious life really is.

Update: Bart has now officially been adopted by a staffer at the Humane Society, and is loving his new life.