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Dog Shakes Hand Of Rescuer Who Saved Him From Horrific Fate

The images from the annualYulin dog meat festival in China are so notoriously gut-wrenching that when early summer comes, animal lovers around the world brace themselves for the nightmarish news.

But every now and then, a photo emerges that becomes a symbol of hope. An image captured in July 2015 shows the connections that can be forged even amid chaos and tragedy.

This image, captured near Kunming, China, shows a tender moment during a rescue coordinated by China Animal Protection Power (CAPP), a command center task force that Humane Society International helped set up to intercept trucks with dogs bound for the slaughterhouse in China.

The man in the photo is a volunteer with one of the animal rescue groups collaborating with the CAPP task force. The dog shaking his hand is one of over 400 rescued that day. "The dog in the image was rescued, and all the surviving dogs from that operation are now in shelters or with adoptive families in China," Raul Arce-Contreras, of Humane Society International, told The Dodo.

"This picture has just nearly made me burst in tears!!" one commenter wrote on Facebook. "Animals need our HELP! This dog knows this guy is here to help him he knew he was being rescued. Gave him his paw to say thank you."

Through these rescue efforts, Humane Society International helped save more than 1,400 animals last summer.

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