Cat Who Was Next To Be Slaughtered Learns Miracles Do Exist

<p> Humane Society International </p>

She became iconic in an image that horrified cat lovers everywhere.

During the Yulin Dog and Cat Meat Festival, which claims the lives of thousands of stray or stolen dogs and cats, a small white cat was spotted climbing the sides of the slaughterhouse enclosure.

Humane Society International

In a rescue of miraculous proportions, Humane Society International's rescue workers made sure that her life did not end here. Along with a few other lucky cats and dogs, Huru was saved from slaughter at the very last moment.

Peter Li, China Specialist with HSI, with two dogs and two cats he rescued from the slaughterhouse. (Humane Society International)

One of the lucky ones, Huru is recovering at the Washington Animal Rescue League and looks absolutely incredible now.

Washington Animal Rescue League

"What a difference a few weeks have made for this cat," the rescue league wrote on Facebook. "Huru was destined for a tragic end at the Yulin Dog and Cat Meat Festival in China. Today, Huru has found a new life in the caring arms of the Washington Animal Rescue League."

Two cats who were rescued from a slaughterhouse in Yulin, China, rest at the Washington Animal Rescue League. Huru is on the right. (Kevin Wolf/AP Images for Humane Society of the United States)

"Great news! The two cats HSI was able to save from a tragic death in a Yulin, China slaughterhouse have now safely made it to the United States," Humane Society International wrote on Facebook. "They will have time to adjust to their new surroundings at Washington Animal Rescue League before finding loving forever homes."

Huru, after arriving at the Washington Animal Rescue League on Tuesday. (Kevin Wolf/AP Images for Humane Society of the United States)

Huru will spend some time adjusting to her new, safe life. Then this cat who was saved against all odds will be looking for a loving family.

Facebook/Humane Society International