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Dog Called 'Too Yucky' To Live Makes Glorious Transformation

"He's yucky, put him to sleep."

That's what the owners of a dog named Nik Nak told a veterinarian in South Africa last month, dropping him off at the office to die.

At the time, the corgi mix was malnourished and suffering from serious neglect, with a broken leg and scabs over much his face. Luckily, not everyone was ready to give up on the unfortunate pup.

After learning about Nik Nak from animal rescue network Sidewalk Specials, Cape Town resident Kamilla Nurock volunteered to foster the dog while he recovered. Soon, she was driving to pick him up.

"When I collected him, he was in such a bad way," Nurock told news site News 24. "He was very malnourished and he had been through a lot."

The dog was only supposed to stay with Nurock for a week, but as his health slowly improved, Nik Nak's charms proved irresistible.

Now, Nurock has decided to keep the dog, whom she has given a new name - Newman - to match his new life.

"I had been looking for a rescue for a while," said Nurock, "but someone told me [you don't choose the dog], the dog chooses you."

Click here to visit Sidewalk Specials' website. Or, watch Newman's complete recovery below: