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If Your Dog Had A Summer Bucket List, It Would Look Like This

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Your dog has A LOT of big plans for the summer. In case you don't speak dog, here's a rundown of the very important summertime activities on his bucket list.

Hang out at a backyard BBQ and wait for humans to drop some yummy food.

Go to the beach and jump through all the waves ...

... and then roll around in the sand.

Drag bed outside and nap in the sun.

Or, better yet, nap in a hammock.

Cool paws in the pool.

Make some new friends.

Beg for a popsicle until humans give in ...

... then beg for a second popsicle.

Get patriotic for the 4th of July.

And then hide from the scary fireworks.

Ride in a convertible - with the top down.

Dig a really big hole and then sit in it.

Do this.

And most importantly, hang out with the best humans around.