Young Refugee Comforts Injured Stray Dog Until Help Arrives

He doesn't have much, but he still gave freely to a pup in need.

As a refugee from war-torn Syria, living now in Turkey, 8-year-old Hüseyin el-Hasan has endured more hardships than most in his young life. But despite his own difficult past, the boy's sense of compassion for others in need clearly hasn't diminished.

Recently, Hüseyin spotted a stray dog who'd been struck by a vehicle near his adoptive home in the city of Kilis. Rather than turn a blind eye to the animal, injured and alone in the median strip in the road, Hüseyin came to her aid.

While there was little he could do to alleviate the wounded dog's pain himself, that didn't prevent Hüseyin from at least trying. He brought a blanket from his house, and placed it over her shivering body.

Hüseyin then alerted others to call for help for the dog, and proceeded to wait sweetly by her side until help arrived.

Eventually, animal care workers did arrive and relieved Hüseyin of his altruistic duty. The stray dog was brought to a veterinarian for treatment.

Sadly though, as Turkish news outlet Anadolu Ajansı reports, the dog passed away from her injuries shortly after.

Hüseyin was said to be understandably heartbroken upon learning that the dog he'd tried to help hadn't made it. But the kind efforts of that child, who himself has been through so much, weren't lost on those who had welcomed him and his family into their country.

On Wednesday, the city's deputy mayor Cuma Özdemir visited Hüseyin at home to honor him for what he'd done for the dog.

In his remarks during the visit, Özdemir said that while Hüseyin's gesture on behalf of the dog might seem unremarkable to some people, it represents the best of humanity.

During the simple ceremony, Hüseyin was even presented with new blankets as a token of appreciation, replacing the one he'd given away so freely.