Tourists See Sloth Doing Yoga And Decide To Join In


Claudia Moser and Anthony Pace were on a bus heading through Costa Rica when the driver stopped and pointed out something wonderful - a sloth doing what looked like a yoga pose on the side of the road.


Moser and Pace are currently backpacking through Central America, but hadn't seen anything quite like a yoga sloth yet.

It just so happens that Moser is quite the yoga fan herself, the Telegraph reports. Naturally, she was shocked to see that the sloth seemed to enjoy it as well. She was extremely excited to see the sloth doing her very favorite pose, and decided to join him in his peaceful practicing.


The very focused sloth didn't seem to notice that anyone had joined him - and continued to hold his pose like a seasoned yogi.

After being ensured by their driver that the sloth was safe, the travelers continued on their way. There's no doubt they'll probably see more sloths along their journey - but probably none as memorable as the yoga sloth.