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Yellowstone Reports: A Gift for Learning

When Mary and I moved this spring to just outside of Yellowstone's north gate, Nathan Varley asked me to write feature articles for Yellowstone Reports, the website that he and Linda Thurston run. I could write in my voice and choose any topic that related to Yellowstone, a place I love and have a long history with, including the three winters that Mary and I lived and volunteered at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch. I jumped at the chance.

I write two features each month-these articles are only posted to Yellowstone Reports. The articles are two to three times as long as my Facebook posts, which gives me more room for interesting facts and storytelling. I also create a slide show of photos that goes with the articles.

  • The features I've written so far cover a wide range of topics including:
  • How the return of wolves to Yellowstone has produced food for the masses
  • An exploration of the courting and mating of grizzly bears
  • Notes from a day spent in the bottom of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
  • The history of the poaching-and saving-of Yellowstone's wildlife
  • A meander into Hayden Valley and a tribute to its resilient bison

In addition to my features, there are articles by guides, naturalists, and other writers.

And there are daily posts on Yellowstone's wolves. Laurie Lyman and other knowledgeable wolf watchers post articles and photos every day on the activities of park wolves. A person who religiously follows those posts would learn a tremendous amount about wolves in general and would learn more about Yellowstone's wolves than most people know about their children.

Yellowstone Reports is a website that you subscribe to for only $20 per year (less than 40 cents per week). A subscription to Yellowstone Reports makes a great gift.

You can sample the website for free-and read some of my feature articles-before deciding to subscribe. Just click the link below.

To sample Yellowstone Reports

To subscribe to Yellowstone Reports

Rick Lamplugh lives near Yellowstone's north gate and is the author of the Amazon Bestseller In the Temple of Wolves: A Winter's Immersion in Wild Yellowstone. Available as eBook or paperback. Or as a signed copy from the author.

Wolf photo via Pixabay CCO Public Domain