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We adopted Ripkin in April. He and several other dogs and cats were kept in crates in an unheated basement and only let out once or twice a day until the neighbors complained of the racket and he ended up in a cavalier rescue in Maryland. No sooner was he rescued than he slipped a disc. His rescue organization generously paid for his very expensive surgery and we were super lucky to get to adopt him. He is getting along just fine, loves his daily hard-boiled egg and 2 mile morning walk. But being of royal ancestry, that is enough for him and he prefers to stay home the rest of the day. He loves to chase squirrels and barks at thunder and other unknown scary things. He is 6 years old and we are very grateful that he has come to live with us. We lost 2 beloved English springer spaniels too young, probably due to too much inbreeding. We hope Dodo will take a stand against that and we sure recommend adopting.