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13 Wrinkly Dog Burritos To Keep Everybody Cozy

1. "I am a blanket larva. Soon I will be a beautiful blanket butterfly."

(Reddit: mikelikesfilm)

2. "Sorry. This cozy cocoon is for pugs only, Human."

(Reddit: Boogidy)

3. "Pink can be tough, too, you know."

(Reddit: momo-hime)

4. "Not only am I warm, but I also kind of look like a wizard. Win-win."

(Reddit: djxaval)

5. "The key to sweet dreams is a princess blankie. Obviously."

(Reddit: roninsti)

6. "I can easily blend into blanket piles - once I've engaged MAXIMUM WRINKLE MODE."

(Reddit: Chechelsea)

7. "No, no, it's fine, Human ... this is just the most measly blanket I've ever seen in my entire life."

(Reddit: Mojo-Nixon)

8. "Oh, this is awkward. I, uh, actually can't use my paws when I'm encased in this fortress of warmth - could you change the channel for me?"

(Reddit: yeahbro29)

9. "Me? Oh, nothing, just a full day of blanket burrowing ahead."

(Reddit: english_nerd)

10. "Sorry, we can't get up right now. We're too worn out from all this snuggling."

(Reddit: myous)

11. "When they say 'snug as a bug in a rug,' what they really mean is 'snug as a bulldog in a blankie nest.'"

(Reddit: vacattack1985)

12. "Thank you for rolling me into my burrito form, Human. You may leave me now."

(Reddit: tjphonix)

13. "I ... yes, I took all the warmth. I'm not sorry."

(Reddit: cakemonster)

Just a warning, dogs: Cats love to steal that sweet blanket action.

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