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This Cat Carries The Weight Of The World On His Shoulders

Bumgarner the cat (Bum for short) has always looked worried.

But why? Why is he so worried?

Is there a big dog nearby? Is there a new catnip tax? Has he lost his DVD copy of "The Aristocats"?

Bum, everything is fine! Stop worrying!

Does Bum have a big interview coming up?

Is he stumped by the eternal vortex of time? Don't worry, Bum. Everyone is.

Okay, fine. Bum's not worried at all - just a little cross-eyed.

In fact, his life is pretty great. Bum was adopted from the San Diego Humane Society Kitten Nursery at only five weeks old. His now-owner, who was working there at the time, was taken with his "charm, spunky attitude and obviously ... [his] silly eyes!"

So we can all rest easy knowing Bum's life is more under control than it appears. At least, until he encounters his next futon:

Stay worried, friend.

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