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World's Oldest Kitty Is Still Going Strong At Age 121

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That's 121 cat years, of course - but by our common measure, it still represents an impressive 26 years of life.

For that, the sweet, fluffy cat named Corduroy has been officially recognized as the world's oldest living cat after having exceeded his species' life expectancy by more than 10 years. And the best part of it all is that he's still going strong.

The cat's proud owner, Ashley Okura, can hardly remember a time when she wasn't in the warm presence of her long-lived pet. Having first met Corduroy as a kitten, when she was just six years old back in 1989, Okura has spent almost every year since with the trusted feline as her faithful companion.

"We're bonded. I'm used to his routine and he has a wonderful temperament and personality," she told The Dodo. "Having him around all this time has been great."

Interestingly, this is actually the second time Guinness World Records has named Corduroy as the oldest cat. In 2014, he was stripped of that honor when a then-26-year-old cat named Tiffany II emerged as the rightful title-holder. Corduroy reclaimed the title this summer, after Tiffany II passed away.

(We're pretty sure he had nothing to do with it.)

When asked what she believes has been the secret to Corduroy's incredible longevity, Okura says she's thinks it's the fact that he's always been allowed a level of freedom to indulge in his wilder instincts.

"I honestly believe that by keeping Corduroy's claws he was able to defend himself and go hunting outside. I think it's good for the cat's mental health to go outside and feel like a cat," she said. "Don't declaw your cat."

Okura says Corduroy is a commanding presence on her family's ranch where, despite his age, he still instills fear in any critters that cross his path.

"His favorite is mice," she said.

Corduroy, who just had a birthday in August, is already looking forward to more years to come.

"He's doing really well," Okura said. "We're already planning for his next party."