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Man Spends $4,500 For 'World's Biggest' Puppy. Then He Gives Him Up.

Bred to be a trusty guard dog, a puppy who was recently surrendered to a shelter in England is in need of a home.

His name is Tzar. And he's possibly the biggest puppy in the entire world.

At only 10 months old, he already weighs a whopping 140 pounds. A Caucasian Ovcharka - a rare breed originally used by farmers to protect flocks of sheep from wild animals and later used as guard dogs - Tzar was imported to England from Russia by a man who paid over $4,500 dollars for him.

Then the man simply gave him up.

"We believe Tzar is the biggest puppy in the world," Kathy Trout, of West Yorkshire Dog Rescue, told The Mirror. "It's going to take a special kind of person to look after him. You cannot have a dog like this running loose," but she added that Tzar "is a great big silly puppy and is totally adorable."

According to Trout, Tzar eats about $455 of food per month, and he'll likely eat even more as he grows to be full size, probably about 225 pounds.

Trout has her doubts that Tzar, whose breed has been stereotyped as being aggressive, in the right hands, could hurt anyone. "He is as soft as butter ... I don't think he could ever be aggressive, he is just a big teddy."