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5 Elderly Ladies Devote Their Lives To 1,300 Stray Dogs

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In a mind-boggling gesture of kindness and love for a multitude of animals who need it the most, five elderly women have taken it upon themselves to care for more than 1,300 stray dogs at a canine sanctuary in China.

Making sure all the dogs are well fed is no easy job. Every day, the small group of volunteers are up at dawn readying a whopping 880 pounds of food for the animals.

Photos show the massive pack of animals eagerly awaiting their meal - sometimes perhaps a bit too eagerly.

Weng says she and her fellow volunteers, all who are in their 60s and 70s, have each been bitten, though that clearly hasn't deterred them from their lifesaving work.

The dedicated caregivers certainly have their hands full with all those rescued dogs, but they're not the only ones who care about them. The sanctuary is reportedly funded entirely by donations from folks in the area who support their good work.

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