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Rescued Wombat FLIPS OUT When You Stop Petting Her

Sure, everyone enjoys a good petting. But Sandi the wombat isn't asking - she's demanding.

The very energetic marsupial is probably the most playful resident at the Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary in Australia. There, she's clearly garnered quite the reputation among her caretakers for insisting on their affection whenever they're around, no matter what chore (other than petting) they might have been setting out to do.

"Weeding can be lots of laughs (achieving little but laughing a lot) with wombat Sandi," the sanctuary wrote on Facebook while sharing this comical clip. "Love this wombat's nature to bits."

This isn't the first time Sandi's antics have stood in the way of some routine housekeeping. In an earlier video shared by the sanctuary, the rambunctious wombat is seen prodding yet another preoccupied staffer for some proper petting time:

"Clearly getting the sprinklers to work is not on her list of priorities."

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