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Woman Tries To Kiss Python, And He's NOT Into It

A woman named Jin Jing visiting an "animal park" in Phuket, Thailand, went up to take a picture with a python, and for some insane reason, decided to try and kiss him.

Personally, my first instinct upon meeting a snake would NOT ever be to try and kiss him ... and the confused python wasn't exactly onboard with the idea either.

As soon as the woman kissed the python, he bit her nose, latched on and refused to let go. Seems like the python was trying to teach this woman a lesson about personal space.

Pythons are non-venomous, and the woman was taken to Phuket International Hospital to be treated for minor cuts and bruises.

Local authorities used this as an opportunity to remind tourists not to visit these pop up animal parks and attractions, which often use animals for shows and entertainment. These parks force animals to perform and often keep them in poor conditions.

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