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Woman Stumbles Across A Garbage Pile With The Most Heartbreaking Surprise

Imagine you're walking through the woods and come across a pile of garbage.

Would you have seen the dog hidden among the rubbish?

It was late fall 2013, the leaves had fallen, making it hard to spot someone so motionless and tired. But luckily for Fionn, a woman named Kay happened to see his frail, beaten body in the mess of trash and leaves. And she was ready to do everything she could to make sure this dog got the attention he needed.

Soaked from the rain and mud, the dog was barely alive. But to Kay's surprise, he was alive. She instantly called Dog Action Welfare Group (DAWG), a local rescue in Cork, Ireland, where she found him.

Upon examination, it was devastatingly clear that somebody had done something horrible to Fionn. His skull was fractured and he had been left for dead in the garbage.

But he had a will to live and his body wanted to heal. With surgeries, medication and affection from the staff at DAWG, Fionn's wounds began to fade.

In a matter of weeks hair grew back on his face. By mid-December, he had mustered up the energy to open his eye, which was previously swollen shut. He had come a long way, but he still needed rest.

Then in late December, something miraculous happened.

Here's Fionn on the first day he stood up on his own.

His healthy appetite helped him put weight back on and regain strength. By Christmas day, he was moving around and licking his food bowl clean.

It didn't take much longer for him to get up and running. Fionn was able to enjoy life again. He even wagged his tail in the waiting room at the vet's office - a historically scary place for dogs.

Many people in Ireland heard Fionn's story, and many of those people came together to make sure he had the life he deserved after being so severely mistreated.

He went on walks with handsome Irishmen.

Foster mom Angela gave frequent hugs and kisses.

A local groomer chipped in a free bath.

Kay even stopped by for a reunion.

And that's not everyone. The following January about 1,500 people and their dogs all came out for the Walk For Fionn, a fundraiser for his medical costs and much-needed repair at the shelter, damaged from flooding.

Of course, Fionn led the walk held in his honor. They raised just under $20,000.

And after a few months of foster care while he finished his medical care, one very special man from Sweden welcomed Fionn into his family.

Along with several other rescue dogs, Fionn now enjoys the comfort and joy of belonging to a family who loves and cares for him.

Which is all any dog could really ask for.

If you'd like to donate to DAWG or learn more about the work they do, you can visit their website or Facebook.

Below is a video of Fionn playing with his new siblings. Enjoy.