Woman Finds Newborn Kitten Lying Alone In The Rain

It's hard to imagine how anyone could ignore this tiny, newborn kitten abandoned on the sidewalk on a rainy day.

Reddit user Klaanigan explained in a post last week that his mother stumbled across the tiny critter lying there all by herself.

There's no way she would have survived there all alone; she was so young her eyes weren't even open yet. So Klaanigan's mother scooped up the little kitten and placed her in the only thing she had handy: a paper wrapper.

Wet and cold, the kitten needed help fast. The woman rushed home so she could wrap the baby in blankets and give her a warm bottle.

Klaanigan wrote online that his family decided to name the kitten Iris. Despite her rough start at life, she's doing well now that she has loving people to care for her.

There's nothing sweeter than an animal in need getting the help she deserves. Here's hoping Iris grows up big and strong and never has to be alone again.