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Woman Reacts To Earthquake By Filling Her Van With Animals

Like a modern day Noah's Ark.

The creatures inside Jo York's van might not all number two-by-two, but like a modern day Noah's Ark, that motorized vessel swept them to safety when disaster struck.

Following the powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck New Zealand earlier this month, York was forced to evacuate. The tremor and resulting landslides were threatening to collapse a dam near her home along the Hapuku River, but she wasn't the only one in danger.

Rather than leave her beloved animals - a calf, pig and two goats - to fend for themselves, she brought them along, too.

"I put them in the van and took them to my mum's," York told Newshub NZ reporter Alex Baird. "And now it's OK to bring them home, so that's what I'm doing."

With that, York and her mini menagerie were headed back just the way they came - safe, sound, and so clearly loved.

Click here to watch Newhub NZ's video interview with Jo York outside her life-saving van.