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Woman Doused With Dog Kisses In Stirring Slow-Motion Video

There's no surer sign of a canine's undying affection than that seen in their relentless desire to baste their humans in big, slobbery kisses. While most people might consider such advances flattering but unwelcome, this bravely polite pet-owner decided to give her eager pooch, Chance, a few moments of unfettered access to her face for the sake of taking a slow-motion video.

The results are, well, stirring.

"Chance is a rescue dog, and when we first had him he wasn't very playful, he just wanted love and attention," writes the dog's owners. "We gave him more than he ever had, and now he gives back to us by entertaining us with his antics."

The origin of why dogs love to lick isn't entirely known, but Dr. Patty Khuly of VetStreet.com says it almost always comes down to canines simply wanting to show that they think of us family.

"Licking can play a role in the solicitation of resources, as when pups lick their mothers as a precursor to feeding or when lower-ranking pack members lick their superiors in the hopes of an invitation to dine on communal prey," writes Dr. Khuly.

As sweet as it might seem, allowing for full on lick-sessions like the one above isn't always a great idea. Doctors say that canine saliva, like humans', can contain bacteria which might make people sick - so it's best to keep the smooches to a minimum.