Despite their undue reputation as winged urban pests, there are plenty of wonderful reasons to appreciate pigeons.

That said, even the most ardent (and open-minded) of animal lovers might not go to the lengths this person did to assist one of those birds in need.


On Wednesday, Twitter user @Charlismyname posted video of a woman she spotted on the streets of Glasgow, Scotland, performing CPR β€” including mouth-to-mouth resuscitation β€” on an unconscious pigeon.

Sadly, based on the final moments of the clip, it appears her efforts failed to revive him.

The video tweet quickly went viral, eliciting a mix of reactions among those who've watched β€” mostly ranging from bemusement to disgust.

Still, the woman did earn some praise for trying at all.

The woman in the video, identified as local radio presenter Lehar Laghmani, has since come forward to defend herself from critics. In an interview with the Glasgow Evening Times, she said the bird was in distress, and that she would have done the same for any creature:

"If any damn animal needs my help, then I'm going to give my help."

While pigeons are considered by many to be particularly "dirty" or disease-prone animals, experts say that the dangers to humans is often overstated. Still, we can't recommend Laghmani's approach, especially because there are disease risks when contacting any wild animal.

Fortunately, there are many expert rescuers willing to help.

"When someone finds an injured, weak or sick pigeon, we always encourage them to research to find a pigeon-friendly expert or an avian vet," a spokesperson Palomacy, a pigeon advocacy group, told The Dodo. "You have to ask specifically what their pigeon policy is though because unfortunately many (but not all) euthanize them as 'non-natives' or 'nuisance' animals."