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Woman Tearfully Begs Dogcatchers To Spare Beloved Pup

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A video making the rounds shows the heartrending moment when a Malaysian woman tearfully begs animal control officials to spare her neighborhood stray.

In the video, dogcatchers stand over the brown pup, who's trapped in a net, as Cik Putri begs them to release her friend. "Why do you have to catch this dog?" she says, according to a translation by The Sun Daily. "It doesn't disturb anyone, even though it is a stray dog, it doesn't bother people, why do you have to catch it?"

Putri had been providing food and care for the brown pup, who lived behind her home. She had been having problems with an elderly neighbor, who had been poisoning stray cats and dogs, and she believes he called the dogcatchers on her stray companion.

"When I pleaded with the dogcatchers to let the puppy go, he [the neighbor] suddenly came out from his house and insisted that the dogcatchers take the puppy away," she writes in the description.

Unfortunately, that was enough to undo Putri's efforts. She can be heard crying as the officials ignore her, moving the struggling animal into a larger net and carrying him off to their vehicle.

Malaysia has a large number of stray dogs, and as many Muslims view dogs as unclean, there's a shortage of people who are willing or able to take them in.

But for Putri, helping a creature in need isn't at odds with the prevailing cultural beliefs. "The Malay officer asked me, are you Malay?" she wrote. "Why?? are Malays not allowed to do good for God's creatures?"

Unfortunately, the poor pup was likely euthanized. But at least he had someone who loved him - something many abandoned animals never experience.