Wolves and Elk in Yellowstone

In the 20 years since their reintroduction, wolves have changed the number, behavior, and movement of Yellowstone's elk. Both the elk and the ecosystem have benefited. This 4-minute video from the National Science Foundation shows how wildlife biologists use collars to track elk as well as wolves. There's a lot of footage-even some from renowned wildlife videographer Bob Landis-of wolves being wolves in the wild. You will see how elk protect themselves from wolves and how much difficulty and danger a wolf faces just trying to eat.

I hope you enjoy the video and its images of wolves in the wild.

Rick Lamplugh is a wolf advocate and author of the Amazon Bestseller In the Temple of Wolves: A Winter's Immersion in Wild Yellowstone. Available as eBook or paperback. Or as a signed copy from the author .

Public domain image of Yellowstone wolves chasing elk from the NPS