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24 Puppies Who Haven't Grown Into Their Wrinkles

<p> Reddit/asiflat<br></p>

1. I'd like some extra rolls on a roll, please.

2. Such a little squashmonster.

3. Like a box of fuzzy slinkies.

4. Look at the wittle wrinkly tushie.

5. A melted puddle of wrinkles.

6. Definitely smuggling cuteness in all those rolls.

7. So snuggable.

8. Wrinkly prince on his wrinkly throne.

9. She's probably just concerned about her off-the-chart cuteness.

10. Why hello down there, you little softie.

11. Just a wee face in a sea of wrinkles.

12. Someone's all pooped.

13. Just hangin' around. Literally.

14. Why so squishy?

15. Nothing to see here, just the world's most huggable accordion on a walk.

16. She's gonna grow into that forehead.

17. Must ... boop ... nose.

18. That coat is a little big on him.

19. Ankle rolls!

20. This little gal knows how to rock her wrinkles.

21. So squishy.

22. Squee, a little pile of rolls!

23. That toy chicken can't even handle the wrinkles.

24. Sleep tight, you wiggly little wrinklepup.