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What Tilikum's Life Would Be Like Without SeaWorld

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In October, I had the honor of interviewing orca expert and researcher, Howard Garrett. Howard has been in the field researching and observing orcas for 30-plus years, Howard was also featured in the documentary "Blackfish" and spoke on his extensive knowledge of wild orca. In Part 1, listen to him talk about wild, free orcas in their natural habitat compared to the lonely, miserable and lifeless existence they have in captivity.

In the first part of our interview we talk about the natural behaviors of wild orcas, how old they live to in the wild and what life would be like for Tilikum if he wasn't in his SeaWorld prison.

Please watch, share and inform people where you can, captivity is not right. These animals have no life and are entrapped in a marine circus for human entertainment. This has to stop.