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Wild Orcas Surprise Kayaker Who Totally Trusts Them

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Off the coast of New Zealand this week, a man in a kayak had a close encounter with some of the most majestic and beautiful sea creatures in the world.

Nathan Pettigrew spotted a black fin in the distance as he kayaked in Tauranga Harbour on Monday. Soon a pod of six wild orcas came curiously investigating him and his boat.

The Daily Mail reported that Pettigrew has had close encounters with all kinds of ocean life, but the orcas were especially astounding to him. "I've paddled with them all, but to me, they (orcas) have real 'depth' when they look at you," Pettigrew, who visits schools to educate kids about the importance of protecting our oceans and their animals, told The Daily Mail.

"I'm never fearful with orcas - they are just far too intelligent ... almost the underwater equivalent of us as humans," he said.

We couldn't agree more.

Watch a video of Pettigrew's ocean encounters here:

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