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Fisherman Turns Around — And Finds Orcas Stalking Him

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These orcas had the time of their lives - these men, maybe not so much.

The two boaters were off the coast of San Diego last week when they came across a pod of about 30 orcas. Some of the orcas took a particular interest in their boat and got a little too close for comfort, chasing the boat playfully and leaping in its wake.


The orcas appear to be in absolute bliss, gliding underneath the boat and spinning around to show their stomachs. From the sound of it, the people in the boat might not have seen it that way. "He's gonna bite my arm off," one of the men says, half jokingly, later shouting to the driver to "Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!"

The men might have been a bit unnerved, but if so they had nothing to worry about. Though orcas are fierce carnivores, and often come into contact with people, there is no known case of a wild orca killing a human.

Much more likely, the intelligent animals were just coming over to say hi - and have a bit of fun. Naomi Rose, a marine biologist with the Animal Welfare Institute, told The Dodo last year that some orcas just get a kick out of cruising along in a boat's wake.

"This is a common behavior in certain places - the whales I studied in British Columbia, Canada, did this," Rose said. "It's called wake-riding and they are doing it for fun. They are literally surfing - they can go very fast with very little effort when riding in the wake of a boat like this."

And these orcas got to have double the fun. They got in some surfing - and totally psyched out the people.