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Wild Arctic Fox Keeps Coming Back To Roughhouse With Her Dog Friend

Sometimes friendship simply defies logic. Loki the dog and ChaCha the arctic fox have become friends over the years after spending their free time playing and scampering around the West Fjords nature resort of Heydalur in Iceland.

Pouncing, nipping and chasing are all part of the agenda.

Though Loki may be bigger, ChaCha is not to be outdone, and definitely gives him a run for his money.

After such intense playing though, sometimes you just have to take a breather for a second - with your favorite stick to chew on, of course.

Though the two occasionally get a bit rough with one another, it's all in good fun. Dr. Marc Bekoff, cofounder of Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals with Jane Goodall, tells The Dodo that "this is good old reciprocal, cooperative, and fair play ... if the fox didn't like it he/she wouldn't come back for more." Bekoff says that he has seen similar behavior in both dogs and red foxes when they play.

Canine behaviorist Mia Cobb suggests to The Dodo that it's possible the friendship may have blossomed because "perhaps they are the only canids in the area." In this case, the playdates are not only fun, but enriching for the two creatures.

You can watch the full video from Take a Hike Photography below.

(Vimeo: Take a Hike Photography)

Here is a video of the pair's antics back in 2012, proving how long this quirky friendship has existed: