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This Furniture Is The Only Way To Keep Wild Animals In Your Home

There are definitely ways to spot an animal lover: over-the-top reactions when meeting a dog on the street, a slightly alarming number of cat sweaters or knowing an insane amount of facts about elephants, to name a few.

But if you saw one of these incredible chairs in someone's home, there would be no doubt: This person LOVES animals.

Maximo Riera, a Spanish designer, has created a line of chairs and sofas that are shaped like some of the most majestic members of the animal kingdom.

The pieces are shockingly detailed, and each took between 9 and 11 weeks to complete - a whopping 480 hours of work overall. Now that's dedication to animals.

Didn't think a rhino could look stylish hanging out in your living room? Well, think again.

Or what about an octopus? That's right, an octopus chair. It exists, and it's the best.

Riera captions many posts on Instagram with animal-positive hashtags, such as #caring, #awareness and #oneworld.

His collection even represents animals such as toads and beetles.

His work has been featured across the globe.

From Design Week in Milan ...

Various chairs and sofas from the collection are available online on Riera's website, but brace yourselves - having a member of the animal kingdom displayed in your home is very likely a costly endeavor.

Still, an animal lover can dream.