Dogs give you unconditional love, they are loyal companions, they help you stay fit, and they make you feel happier. If all these reasons are not enough for you to own a dog, I have one more.

They can help you get dates as well.

Yes, you hear that right. There is only one thing hotter than "men with books" and "men with babies", and that is "men with dogs." There are more chances that ladies will go weak in their knees for men with canine companions.

A survey conducted by Dog Trust, the largest dog welfare society of UK, says that 60% of the people who participated in the survey believe that people who keep a dog are more attractive than non-dog owners. Also, 85 percent of the people feel that it is more convenient to talk to people with a dog.

And what is the reason for this inclination of women towards men with dogs? Let's find out:

  • A study says that people who are capable of taking care of this four legged animal are believed to be more responsible. And it is no hidden fact that women find responsible men sexier than ones who are careless.
  • A man with a dog is an alpha male as he is capable of protecting and providing. Women find such men attractive as they are able to take care of their partner. Women also believe that men who have furry companions will also prove to be great dads.
  • There are many famous and powerful men who love their pets especially dogs. This is also one the factor they have huge women fan following in the world.
  • Another reason people with dogs are more attractive is that they are more patient. Keeping and training a dog requires a ton of patience.
  • Also, for some strange reason women find men with dogs more approachable.
  • Various studies say that keeping a pet makes you healthier and fitter. Having a canine friend keeps not only your body fit but also keeps your heart and mind in the best of spirits, according to WebMD. When you have a pet, you have to go regular walks with him which is good for both of you.
  • Keeping a dog makes you more social. When people go on a walk with their furry companion in a park or a ground, chances are thick that people will interact with you. Your dog will do the job, he will provide you more "hello" from people around you.
  • Since dogs provide you unconditional love, you know the value of true love. A dog person is more likely to work hard towards his relationship. This is another reason that makes you more attractive to opposite sex.

People who keep dogs know how to appreciate simple things in life. You are just one step away from finding the love of your life, get a dog!