Why Do Dogs Lick Glass?

We all have our vices. But some individuals of the canine persuasion have a particular fondness for tasting windows.

"Does anybody else's dog lick the glass window?" one tweeter asked the internet. And the internet provided, in return, ample evidence that, yes, many, many dogs have this particular habit.

But why?

Flickr/Spanish Flea

"Dogs are individuals and exhibit specific behaviors for different reasons based on many unique factors," Kenny Lamberti, director of strategic engagement for the companion animal department of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), told The Dodo.

Lamberti pointed out that licking in general is a normal behavior for dogs. "They can lick to sooth themselves, self-groom or sometimes to relieve stress," he said.

As for glass, dogs who have a taste for car windows may be licking to de-stress. "Licking the car window is fairly common," Lamberti said, "and although many dogs enjoy taking car rides, some can get anxious. Licking the window can be a way for the dog to self-soothe."

Flickr/Dale Carlson

Some dogs might be licking out of boredom, according to Lamberti. But others may just be licking the glass because it feels good.

"Unless it becomes obsessive or dangerous, it shouldn't be considered a major behavioral concern," Lamberti advised.

Flickr/Jason Thompson

If your dog is a total window-licking addict, it's probably best to check with a vet to see if there's some kind of problem.

Otherwise, lick away.