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Why Do Some Dogs' Barks Sound Like Blood-Curdling Screams?

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A dog video has been catching the ears of the internet.

Hear what's been pegged as "the weirdest dog noise of all time":

The video earned plenty of LOLs and comments about the strangeness of the relatively terrifying noise for an otherwise normal-seeming dog.

But one commenter on YouTube pointed out that there could be a good explanation. "My guess? He's an older dog and he's partially deaf so he's barking louder to hear himself."

Sure enough, Cody's bark sounds like Bailey's, a deaf dog whose scream has been recorded here:

"This is Bailey. Just about 100% deaf and can't bark. When he wants to communicate, this is what he does," Bailey's humans wrote on YouTube.

Learn how to tell if your dog is deaf and what to do if he is, here.