Attention Cat Person: Do You Know These Cat Factoids?

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Are you a smart, open-minded non-conformist? Yes? So are most "cat people" (at least according to a recent survey). And here are a few cat facts to wow your friends among the feline-loving crowd:


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There's more than meow in a cat's vocal mix. "Meow" is, rather, an English fiction, aped from other languages at some point in the 1840s - see mao in Chinese, the French miaou or maw in Persian. (By 1876, Mark Twain had jumped on the meow train in "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer": "Will you meow?" Tom Sawyer asks Huckleberry Finn at one point.) Cats, broadly speaking, make three different types of sound - the purr, the chirrup, the trill - which are further divided into dozens of patterns. Mother cats chirp to get the attention of their kittens, for instance. And if you hear a full-grown cat let loose a "meow," that's all for your benefit, says the ASPCA, rather than part of a cats-only chat.



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Cats love catnip, but not because the plant is a cousin of the tasty, leafy mint. Instead, as the American Chemical Society explains, the molecules in catnip mimic cat sex pheromones. Although the cats may show a very enthusiastic response to the scent, catnip is neither harmful nor addictive.


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In Wired magazine, Ohio State University veterinarian Tony Buffington explains that your cat thinks of you less of a giant, friendly hairless cat and more of a giant, chaotic primate. One of his tips for human-feline peace? The blissful cat is the cat whose belly goeth unpet. An outstretched stomach is less an invitation and more a sign of trust. As your roommate (the one from Craigslist) might put it: You can borrow my bike, but I'll pass on the back rub.



Most cats come into the world along with a few brothers or sisters - there are, on average, about two to five kitten buns per furry oven. And one particularly fecund feline, a world-record-holding Burmese-Siamese cat, delivered 19 kittens in in the U.K. in 1970. (And if 19 cats isn't your thing, get your kitty spayed or neutered.)

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