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Why Baby Animals In Blankie Burritos Are Both Cute And Efficient

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Animals and blankets are an egregiously cute combination. There is little in this world that can make a person melt into a puddle of joy quite like a small animal swaddled.

But, aside from the cuteness factor, this burrito fad actually serves some important practical purposes.

For example, volunteers at the Morgan Hill Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation center wrap this little baby barn owl (appropriately named Barney) in a small blanket to keep him from scratching with his talons while he is being fed. Little Barney was brought to the center when he fell out of his nest in a palm tree.

(Morgan Hill Times)

Other times, a cozy wrap can be used to weigh little critters, like this little northern saw-whet owl. According to the University of Minnesota's Raptor Center, "wrapping wiggly patients, like this saw-whet owl, in a specially designed wrap makes it easier to weight them." This owl had been brought to the center with a fractured pelvis, but she made a full recovery after about two weeks.

(University of Minnesota)

Owls aren't the only ones who get snuggled. These orphaned baby bats were saved by the Australian Bat Clinic and Wildlife Trauma Centre after the Queensland floods in 2011. The bats were swaddled and bottle-fed, then kept on a clothesline until they were able to fly.

(Earth in Transition)

But let's be real, animals love blankets, especially when it comes to little burrowers - like Kimi the hedgehog, who loves getting wrapped in a towel after her bath.

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Sometimes blankets just make you feel safe and cozy!

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Even cats dig the burritos - or, as they are sometimes called "purritos."

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Stay cozy, my friends.

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