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Whoopi's Blind, Deaf Dog Won't Walk ... So She Sings Him A Poem

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A good dog owner is patient with a dog who's too tired to walk any farther. But a great owner turns the situation into a moment of sympathy and compassion.

That's exactly what Whoopi Goldberg did on Tuesday when she was out walking her puppy - and he wouldn't budge. She took a quick video and narrated it from the dog's perspective, and it's a beautiful, poetic riff about puppyhood - all in honor of Bear, who happens to be both blind and deaf.

Below is Whoopi's improvised narration, presented as poetry, and accompanied by images of sleepy Bear-berg.

"Notes From Puppydom" by Whoopi Goldberg

I have had it.

Facebook/Whoopi Goldberg

This b**** has walked me

All over God's green acre ...

Facebook/Whoopi Goldberg

And I'm tired.

You know, I'm a dog. ... I'm a puppy, really.

And I get a little tired.

Facebook/Whoopi Goldberg

And she made me tired.

She took me here and there.

And everywhere.

Facebook/Whoopi Goldberg

Stuff is all in my face!

I don't know what it is, because ...

I don't know if you know this ...

Facebook/Whoopi Goldberg

My name is Bear,

And I'm blind, and I'm deaf.

And my human walker's name is Whoopi.

YouTube/Whoopi Goldberg

And she doesn't seem to understand

That I'm a puppy.

Facebook/Whoopi Goldberg

I'm a puppy.

Yes, I want to bite at things that aren't there.

Facebook/Whoopi Goldberg

I want to dance to the side when I walk.

Facebook/Whoopi Goldberg

I want to do all those things.

However, I also want to rest.

Facebook/Whoopi Goldberg

And she's like a machine!

YouTube/Whoopi Goldberg

She wants me to poop.

She wants me to drink.

She wants me to eat. Oy gevalt!

Facebook/Whoopi Goldberg

What a taskmaster she is, but I like her.

... But don't tell her!

Cuz I'm a puppy. And she has to earn it.

YouTube/Whoopi Goldberg

You've earned it, Whoopi. For not only caring for this rescue dog, but also articulating your love into such beautiful words.

"One of the problems with a lot of breeding that gets done is, you know, people end up trying to breed for eye color and it destroys the DNA of the dog," said Goldberg on her YouTube show "Rollin' With Whoopi". "This wonderful dog is blind and deaf, but he doesn't know it. He thinks everyone is like this."

Watch Goldberg improvise her poem.

Here are a few other videos of Bear.

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