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Which Dog Breed Is Right For Me?

Thinking about adding a new dog to your family? Choosing a breed has expanded far beyond "purebred vs. mutt." We've included some helpful tips below to help you pick a dog that's right for you – so all you'll have to worry about it picking the perfect name!

Size Matters Take a second to think about your space. Do you live in a small apartment, or a home with a big backyard? This will help you determine what size dog will be comfortable in your home. Smaller dogs need less space and exercise, while medium to large dogs require more room, ideally with a yard to run around in.

Speaking of Exercise...

How energetic would you like your dog to be? Think about your own exercise habits. Do you enjoy going on long walks or runs? Are you only able to get out of your home for short periods at a time? Your energy level should match the type of dog you choose.

All You Need Is Love There is no doubt you will love your dog no matter which breed you pick. And your dog will love you too – but not all dogs are affectionate. In your ideal world, do you come home to a dog who gives you 100 doggie kisses, or one that plays more hard to get and may or may not acknowledge you from time to time?

Show Me The Money Your dog's love and affection may be priceless, but some of their needs are not. Along with their basics: food, bedding, toys, etc. you'll need to consider grooming costs, medical history, and plan for any unforeseen costs that may come up. Do your research on health issues breeds tend to have. Large dogs tend to get hip problems later in life, while smaller dogs can be prone to back issues. While we always hope our dogs never encounter any health issues, it's always good to educate yourself and be prepared.

We Are Family It's important to think about your family and each of their needs when selecting a dog. Certain breeds do better around kids, and if you have other animals, you'll want to make sure they all get along. Also, if you're looking for a dog who is protective of your home and family, larger breeds may be your best option.