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When The Mute Swan Will Speak

This poem pertains to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's revised Mute Swan Management Plan for New York State. A post by Shirley Bolin of the Regal Swan Foundation was published May 28, 2015 about the legislation pending in Albany ("Why The Mute Swan Bill Must Pass the NY Assembly").

Taken from afar long ago/My fountain of reverie is now in jeopardy,/My state of mind unbelieving/That this State of mine is so unforgiving.

Non-native, you are native to my heart,/Fly free, fly far before you are taken again/For no other reason than for what you are./Never to be born, never to live on.

What will my world be without you?/And you without your wings?/The squirrels, ducks, gulls and geese will think it strange/Never to have your company, fancied only for the Queen./The stillness of the waters broken by your absence,/The chant of your wings silenced by the new idolatry.

Eat drink and be merry, said our sage/For your tomorrow is more dear, and though/Beauty cannot save you from these stray souls,/Like the Ancient Mariner/Who shot the pious ALBATROSS with his bow,/They too are doomed to recite to our scions/What the MUTE SWAN could not say.