14 Times When Pets Knew You Needed Cheering Up

When everything seems bleak, your pets will always have your back.

"Cat trying to comfort me after a break up...at least that's how it seemed."

Reddit: tillwalley

"My sick wife's cough scares our dog, so he goes over to her side of the bed with every cough and tentatively offers a paw."

Reddit: nickiter

"Went home sick yesterday, this was my feel better crew all afternoon."

Reddit: AtomikBalm

"My mom just had a double knee surgery. Her pets have made it their responsibility to comfort her."

Reddit: MacSkeptic

"I'm feeling a little under the weather and have spent all day in bed. This has been my company."

Reddit: Winksen

"I was feeling depressed and couldn't bring myself to smile when I felt a nudge."

Reddit: KuroiMon

"My son wasn't feeling well, so Cosmo came to the rescue."

Reddit: Penguinz90

"Wife has been sick. Our pups seem to know she isn't feeling well ... "

Reddit: phaytal

"My son is not feeling well, our cat (Simba) hasn't left his side."

Reddit: PapiDibble

"My best friend trying to make me feel better."


"Going on day four of bed rest in a hospital. Molly the therapy dog made my stay so much better!"

Reddit: dangviv

"I had surgery a few years ago and stayed at my parents while I recovered. This is my rabbit and their kitten trying to make me feel better while I slept."

Reddit: cmitro

"I was sad I didn't win the lotto, but he doesn't care about how much money I have."

Reddit: WillandEko

"My fiancé broke up with me a week before our wedding, leaving me pretty depressed. But after 14 years he's never left my side. He's my best friend."

Reddit: meganred