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When Life Gave This Cat A Lemon, She Didn't Trust It For A Second

Hime the cat is suspiciously sizing up this lemon she found in her house. The tart-smelling intruder is unlike anything Hime has ever experienced before, and she is determined to figure out just WHAT the heck is going on here!

Hour 1: Hm. Smells like evil. Is probably here for dubious reasons.

Hour 2: Must touch from a safe distance, so as to not become saturated in devilry.

Hour 3: Tests are proving inconclusive. Lemon still a formidable adversary, but maybe not quite as scary anymore.

Hour 4: Enigmatic lemon has resulted in an existential crisis. It is truly baffling in its mystery.

Hour 5: Lemon has exhibited aggressive behavior. Time to evacuate!

Hime's confusion is understandable, as many cats tend to abhor citrus fragrances. The acidity of citrus fruits and the intensity of their smell are found to be displeasing to felines.

Watch the full lemon investigation below:

(YouTube: 220hime)