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"It should be ‘I Have A Cat' "

"We don't have cats, they have us."

"Don't you have more than one cat?"

It seems the name of this blog has a few people scratching their heads (or ears?). Let me attempt to explain.

When you're a single 30-something year old, "cat (s)" is a dirty word not to be discussed in mixed company.

There's a dinner party scene in a movie called "Parenthood" where the guests begin talking about a friend who has cancer. At the mention of the word they speak in hushed tones. Same goes for the word "cat." It's like having a disease or illness.

"I have erectile dysfunction"

"I have...cat."

"Yeh, that's my friend Tamar she has (drops voice to barely perceptible volume)...cats."

I am all too aware of the stigma, the stereotypes. But I also know I'm not alone. Stylish, cat-hair-free-clothed single women who secretly ferret away cats for fear of back-lash are out there in droves.

So the name of this blog is a proclamation of sorts. A rallying cry to bring cat women out of the closet.

I'm not ashamed to say: Yes, I HAVE CAT (s).

If you were to write a blog about your life, what would it be called?

For more of Tamar and I HAVE CAT go to www.ihavecat.com or follow on FB, Twitter (@Ihavecat) or Instagram (@ihavecat)

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