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What Happens When A Fox Steals Everyone’s Shoes And Puts Them In One Woman’s Yard?

<p>Geograph/Peter Trimming</p>

It doesn't sound like Elaine Hewitt wanted to decorate her yard with an outdoor shoe rack, but she needed to do something with the footwear. For months, the UK woman has gone into her backyard to discover a single shoe there waiting for her -- all belong to strangers, and all appear one at a time. Finally, Hewitt has figured out the culprit behind her town's mysterious vandalism: a lone vixen, who's been swiping shoes indiscriminately from gardens around town.

"First of all we just collected them thinking they were too good to throw in the bin," Hewitt told BBC News. "When the pile grew we did a little notice ... We had a few phone calls from that and were able to give back and match up a couple of pairs."

Hewitt finally saw the fox carrying shoes one day, but she didn't see any reason to interfere with the animal's mysterious pattern. "I decided the fox was a further afield than just around our immediate vicinity, which is when I decided to put the table out on the street," she said. "The number of vehicles and passers-by who stopped to ask about it, to look and also to take their shoes back was absolutely astounding."

The fox appears to have five kits who are not involved in the swiping -- or, at least not yet.

Photo via BBC.

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