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Whales Are Discovering That New York Is Totally The Place To Be Right Now

The water around New York City are well on its way to becoming the hottest place to be a whale right now.

According to the marine wildlife tracking group Gotham Whale, at least 29 humpbacks have been spotted within a few miles of New York so far this season -- up from just five in all of 2011. And they're not alone. There's also been an uptick in dolphin and shark numbers this year as well, thanks in large part to efforts to clean up the city's waterways.

Improved water quality flowing in from the Hudson River has led to more krill and bait fish populating New York Harbor, and in turn, it's turned the region into a virtual buffet for larger predators.

"The river used to bring nothing but pollution but in the last five years or so there is cleaner water, more nutrients and less garbage," says the group's director Paul Sieswerda, to The Guardian.

"My boat captain says New York is the new Cape Cod."