Whale Surprises Kayaker With Insanely Close Encounter

There's nothing quite as incredible as having an unexpected animal encounter in the wild.

A man who goes by Johnny O on social media was exploring the English Bay in Vancouver, and heard that there had been a whale feeding in the area recently. He and his friend decided to set out to try and find the whale. So, technically, the encounter wasn't totally unexpected - but they never imagined how close they'd actually get.

YouTube/Johnny O

The two friends were just lingering, using their phones to film their beautiful surroundings ... when they realized the whale was close by.

"My heart started racing when I saw small fish swimming to the surface in a frenzy, I knew it must be close," Johnny wrote on YouTube.

Suddenly, a burst of water came flying at them, and the whale appeared ...

YouTube/Johnny O

... and almost hit one of the men in the face with his giant tail.

YouTube/Johnny O

"This was the most amazing wildlife experience of my life, a true bucket-list moment," Johnny wrote on YouTube. "You can hear in my voice how excited I was."

Check out the full video of this incredible encounter below:

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Of course, this wasn't the first whale to surprise a kayaker. Check out these orcas who did the same thing off the coast of Washington.