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Baby Whale Is Born And Her Family Immediately Teaches Her How To Swim

For many, simply encountering a whale living free and wild at sea is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But for folks aboard a recent whale-watching expedition in California, what they witnessed might never have been seen before.

In fact, even seasoned whale-watching guides are calling it a "miracle."

While exploring the waters off of Dana Point, a vessel from Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari was approached by a pod of false killer whales, Pseudorca crassidens, a species not seen there in almost a decade. As if that alone weren't exciting enough, something incredible happened - one of the whales gave birth, right before their eyes.

"In over twenty years on the water I have never seen anything like that," Captain Dave Anderson said in a statement. "And I know of no one who has ever seen a wild Pseudorca birth! I am so happy for our passengers and crew that got to see this. Wow, what a blessing from God this was. What a miracle."

Fortunately for the rest of us, one of the passengers was able to capture the little whale calf's first moments of life on video.

Best of all, the newborn whale appeared to be in good health as other members of the pod took turns helping her up to the surface to breathe - offering a touching glimpse, not only of the animals themselves, but of the incredible bonds of family they share.

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