Wolf Patrol - Paws on the Ground

Check out this great short documentary produced about Wolf Patrol's time monitoring the wolf hunt on the border of Yellowstone in Montana in 2014.

Wolf Patrol is a conservation movement founded on the principles of biocentricity, and indigenous cultural preservation. We believe in supporting the recovery of gray wolves in the lower 48 states and encouraging a greater understanding and tolerance for cultural world views that promote a harmonious co-existence with wolves and other predators.

In accordance with the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation (NAMWC), we strongly advocate for wildlife being a public trust resource, that belongs to no one human demographic, but to the entire biological community.

Wolf Patrol recognizes the invaluable role citizens play in contributing to the development of wolf management policies that reflect the interests of all citizen stakeholders, not just hunters and trappers.

Our mission is to advance the reform of wolf management in states where gray wolves are classified as game animals, and help ensure the continued recovery of gray wolves in suitable native habitat where they once roamed.

Wolf Patrol supports Citizen Monitoring Programs (CMP's) whereby members engage in the witnessing and documentation of public wolf management practices such as hunting and trapping on public lands, for the purpose of educating and exposing the recreational killing of gray wolves.

Where gray wolves remain on the federal list of endangered species, Wolf Patrol has also utilized reward programs to encourage members of the public to come forward with information on the illegal killing of wolves with the aim of ultimately discouraging and preventing wildlife poaching.

Wolf Patrol is a tactic, not an organization. We hope to encourage the use of citizen monitoring of public wildlife policies as a means towards exposing bad wolf policies, and using such documentation to empower citizens to become active in the reform of state wildlife agency policies. Wolf Patrol engages in community outreach and education to share strategy ideas and tactics, and information about the ecological importance of wolves and other predators.

Wolf Patrol formally recognizes that every indigenous nation in the Great Lakes region opposes the slaughter of wolves, and supports the recognition of religious and cultural practices which recognize the gray wolf as not only biologically necessary, but also a sacred component of the ecosystem in which they belong.

Lastly, Wolf Patrol is not an anti-hunting organization. We are opposed to the hunting, trapping and killing of gray wolves on public lands, while recognizing that the preservation of gray wolves in the wild cannot happen without the support of sportsmen & women who recreate on public lands. Wolf Patrol is also opposed to hound hunting practices in the Great Lakes region that adversely effects the survival of gray wolves in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan.

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