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15 Dogs Who Couldn't Be Prouder To Be In The Wedding Party

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1. "I'm going to be the best flower girl this town has ever seen."


2. "I can't believe our little boy is all grown up."


3. "My eyes are a little moist. I TOLD you to use the hypoallergenic shampoo."


4. "I hope he knows I'm still going to be her favorite cuddle buddy."


5. "Now I have an official dad!"


6. "Last time I got this emotional was when you left for college."


7. "I hope you guys are taking this 'til death do us part' thing as seriously as we have."

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8."Being the best man is a big responsibility. I won't let you down."


9. "Always a bridesmaid ... "


10. "Did they say there will be pigs in a blanket?"


11. "So this is FOREVER?"


12. "I'm ready to walk her down the aisle, just give me a moment."


13. "I'm performing the ceremony, right?"


14. "I knew your mother-in-law was right about having a destination wedding."


15. "We got this."