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Wealthy Heiress Adopts Dog Who Walked 30 Miles, Flies Her Home Aboard Private Jet


A sweet, aging black labrador who tried to reunite with her former owners by walking 30 miles back to them, only to be turned away, is heading to her new home in style aboard a private jet.

The dog, Ma Kettle, now known as "Lady," first found herself in an animal shelter in Sedan, Kansas after her longtime owner passed away in 2012. She was eventually adopted out to a new family, but a few years later they decided she was no longer a good fit. They then gave Lady away to a woman in another town.

With no way of knowing that her former family didn't want her anymore, Lady escaped her new owner and walked the long trek back to Sedan. But despite the remarkable gesture, she was turned away again, winding up back in the shelter where she had been before.

When word of Lady's sad story began to spread on social media, countless adoption offers came pouring in to the shelter -- including from dog-lover Helen Rich, heiress to the Wrigley's gum fortune. With a large estate in Florida for the aging dog to enjoy her later years, the shelter accepted Rich's invitation to give Lady her much-deserved forever home.

Last week, Rich's assistant Chet Ragsdale flew to Kansas to get Lady, promising that her life is about to improve dramatically.

"She going to think she's gone to heaven," Ragsdale told KWCH News.

Kelsey Lloyd, a shelter worker who has seen Lady rejected twice before, says that things couldn't have ended better for the lovable old dog.

"Sounds like a fantastic place where she's going," he says.