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Rihanna Swims With Sharks, Doesn't Get Eaten

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Pop star and only girl in the world Rihanna went swimming with sharks in a photo shoot for the March 2015 issue of Harper's Bazaar, and everyone is freaking out about it.

MTV News called the sharks "very scary," and RiRi herself Instagrammed a video from the shoot with the hashtag #yallmuhphuckazwouldabeenchewed.

All great points, except that they're not true. Sharks aren't terrifying and they're not very likely to chew on anybody. Let's take a look, shall we?

Here's Ri not being eaten by a shark.


Here she is still not being eaten.


Here's Rihanna still swimming around in a tank with a shark and still not being eaten. Notice how the shark doesn't even care that Rihanna's there? That's because sharks aren't scary and they also don't care if you're a celebrity.

This shark could very well be thinking, "Ho hum, this day is so boring. Oh there goes a human. How NOT INTERESTING to me."


Oh no, it's eating her! Just kidding: That's not real.


The sharks Rihanna swam with are in captivity at the Florida Aquarium, so they're used to swimming with humans. But even in the wild, sharks are unlikely to attack humans. In fact, for every human killed by a shark, humans kill about 2 million sharks. This infographic really makes it clear.

Maybe seeing these pictures will help convince everyone that sharks aren't scary monsters when left alone. And if that's the case, then take a bow, Rihanna.